Saturday, November 19, 2016

2016-17 Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge thoughts...

Despite Curt not formally announcing anything as yet there's a definite buzz starting to build across the gaming blogosphere as the 2016-17 instalment of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge draws closer.

I'm going to participate once again in what will be my fifth consecutive effort. This evening I've been faffing about NOT doing any prep and instead having a bit of fun looking at past efforts. In order to keep Miles happy I've conducted a little statistical analysis of the previous four years...

Lies, damned lies and statistics...

Each year I've tried to challenge myself in a different way, shifting my focus from one area to another. Last year I really hammered the bonus rounds, racking up a total of 906 points from those along the way and gaining a podium finish in every single round. This year I'm going to cherry pick just 2-3 bonus rounds I think and try and find some other area to dive into. Not sure what that will be at this point though.

So tomorrow I'll start prepping in anger and at the same time try to clear a few half finished projects lurking about as well. I find it a good incentive to be able to start with a clean workbench so I need to get my finger out to make sure that's the case before kick-off.


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Paint Table Saturday

It's been a while since I've done one of these but that's largely due to the fact I seem to have a lot of stuff only just started on a Saturday afternoon and consequently not much for show and tell.

Today, however, I finished a unit of 18thC hussars for my imaginations project. Evan and I have a game coming up next weekend and these chaps will be making their debut in the service of Herzog Mikhail Johann von Hollerenschaut IV of Saxe-Coburn und Buchholz.

And so ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the just finished and yet to be based CR Nr. V, von Leightfynggar's Hussars!

These are Front Rank miniatures from their 18thC Austrian line. Lovely miniatures but for some reason they gave me the very devil of a time to paint. Not sure why but they are done now so no matter. I have another unit to do which will be predominantly blue but given how frustrating these were I suspect they will be a while making their way onto the workbench.

With the hussars out of the way I've started work on an artillery regiment, AR Nr. 1, von Fuse-leighter's Battery, once again Front Rank Austrians. They will have scarlet facings and despite the fact the gun carriages look black they are in fact base coated in a dark green.

In other game related news I managed to at last pick up a unit of Warhammer Fantasy Grave Guards for my Army of the Lichemaster project.

I've been after these for a solid 2+ years but until now have not managed to find a complete unit at a decent price. I'm more than a little chuffed to finally get my mits on these.

I've also managed to pick up the last two Alan Perry sculpted chaos hounds (undead and scorpion tail) from this set:

These will soon join their friends who I painted earlier this year in the painting challenge...

Picking up a couple of hounds seems somehow poetic as we lost our last four legged canine friend yesterday. Hardy, our beautiful lab/kelpie cross, has been with us for something like 14 years but hasn't been himself for a few months now since his little life partner Minnie passed on. It seems losing his constant companion exacerbated his ageing and various ailments. In the end we decided we had to do the right thing for him and let him go no matter what we wanted.

Both of them were rescues (like all our pets) and it's a little easier knowing they had a wonderful life full of love and companionship instead of the alternative. We think Hardy had been mistreated before he came to us but he soon shook that off and the real Hardy came out, full of energy, quick as lightning and as gentle as you could wish for. Here's Hardy and Minnie together in much happier times...

Who, me? No, I'm fine here thanks. You can go outside and I'll just stay here...

Stackable dogs, the ultimate in space saving inventions!

And finally, here's how he looked the day we brought him home. Completely irresistible I think you'll agree...

See you later mate and thanks for the memories :-)


Saturday, October 29, 2016

NOT Paint Table Saturday

There are times when it's a good thing to acknowledge the parts of you that are ordinarily kept locked in a dark cupboard where they cannot distract you from functioning in the real world. *

This afternoon I did exactly that. For about 4.5 hours. Apparently.

By way of explanation let me write a short piece of pseudo-math so you understand...

Still not clear? OK, let me spell it out. I was updating my wargame book collection to account for some new arrivals and noticed one of the cover images was pretty ordinary. Colours were off, the pic was blurry, ragged edges, etc. etc. Clearly that wouldn't do so I fixed it.

Then I thought I'd better check the cover next to that one. Guess what? Rubbish! OK, that's fixed now. You can guess where this is going...

Anyway, safe to say I've not painted anything I was intending to paint. But at least IT can be put back in the cupboard for a while now and I can go back to playing nice with the general public. Mostly.

* Well that's my excuse anyway.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Imagination infantry regiments completed

This morning I finished painting two new 24 man regiments for Evan's imaginations army from the fictitious country of Velikye Byelgorodniya.

The first of these is the Kholodniyy Borscht infantry regiment in their glorious beetroot red jackets. Their regimental colour reflects their beetroot-centric theme as well...

The second unit is the Kapusta Zemlya infantry regiment, famous for their duck-egg green jackets (or should that be cabbage green jackets)?

The miniatures are all wonderful Front Rank stuff from their Seven Years War range. I really enjoy painting them which is probably a good thing as I have close to another 150 in boxes to do (and that's just the infantry!)

On the painting table at the moment to follow these will be a small unit of hussars for my army along with some foot artillery. If you are interested in our imagination project you can visit the blog which contains background info, maps, and our desperate attempts at humour.

Thanks for popping by!


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Workbench

With the phoney war seemingly coming to an end I've been beavering (or should that be sabling?) away on some units of imaginations infantry for my genial protagonist buddy Evan.

The first of two regiments is near complete and requires only basing and flags (which I've already designed).

The second regiment is also coming along nicely and is really just awaiting buttons, bows and accoutrements to reach completion. Flags are ready to go for this unit too. I'll easily have this finished by the weekend and can base both up together.

In other news a small commission and a steadily sinking GBP has enabled me to go on a spending spree on fleaBay / AbeBooks and add a further NINE tomes to the steadily growing classic wargames book collection. I'm particularly keen to finally get my hands on Charles Grant's Ancient Battles for Wargamers and The Battle of Fontenoy. More on that as they arrive in the post of the next few weeks or so.
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